Worldwide distribution center advancements have made it difficult for manual warehouses to keep up, leading to a need for various software solutions, which would ease everyday operations by making them quick, simple, and efficient. We can provide software services in order to build your systems that are responsive and cloud-based, enabling quick implementation, flexible expansion, and integration with external systems, to bring you the best manual warehouse management system possible.

Key Benefits


Maximized Accuracy

Vastly improved inventory accuracy with every item scanned and recorded in the system


Total Visibility

See and track requests, stock, and arrivals easily and intuitively


Fast, Flexible and Integrative

Software-as-a-Service to your needs and add third-party integration


Automated Communications

Get notifications and status updates on the go


Reduced Human Effort

Optimized layouts and route calculations speed-up and simplify operator tasks


Time and Cost Reductions

Reduced transport times and inventory carrying costs, and faster throughput

System Administration

Minimize human effort by configuring WH types, location, docks, external services and more.

Warehouse Management

Take control of your system by monitoring every process, from inbound to outbound and everything in between.

Backend System

Calculate, notify and connect. The backend system handles complex calculations and analysis so that you don’t have to.

Operator Processes

Empower operators with the ability to complete tasks quickly, simply and error-free.

Warehouse Processes

Our solution covers a wide variety of process, and can be adapted to meet your specific needs.

  • Low stock notification lets managers know to create an inbound shipment request
  • Shipment details confirmed by supplier
  • Yard manager confirms shipment arrival
  • Relevant operators notified to start unloading at assigned dock
  • In-app instructions for what to scan
  • Verification and data storage for maximum accuracy
  • Calculation of the best stock layout for efficient movement between locations
  • Area-based calculations for the best picking routes
  • Order request from customer via various inputs
  • Order is verified, accepted and assigned to shipment by dedicated managers
  • Real-time inventory visibility
  • Calculations for reorganization for most efficient replenishment transport
  • Minimizing picking route effort
  • Bulk orders into one shipment while considering delivery locations and transportation requirements
  • Build solid transport packages
  • Label printing with shipping information
  • Optional inclusion of buffer area stock handling prior to shipment arrival
  • Notifications for time until expected truck arrival
  • Internal route optimization
  • Loading order calculated using route-based LIFO for faster delivery, pollution reduction, and more efficient use of carrier space
  • Shipping barcode validation guaranteeing respect of the route and minimizing delays

Additional Processes

The system also supports Returns, Counting, Stock Look-Up and Exceptions Handling processes.



  • Returning unusable products to suppliers
  • Handling returns from customers
  • Track empty load carriers and returns


  • Counting can be assigned across multiple WH areas
  • Verifying stock on location ensures accurate and detailed counting
  • Generating stock reports

Stock Look-up

  • Logged inventory of every scanned item enables efficient stock look-up

Exceptions Handling

  • The system handles exceptions for a range of WH processes

Responsive Web App

We use responsive web design to ensure a consistent cross-platform appearance, quick implementation, and optimization for all devices. This gives managers and staff enhanced flexibility, keeping them notified while on the move.

Backend Architecture

Cloud-Based software services, with different system access levels and flexible performance expansion. External systems are easily integrated, such as GPS systems and various messaging types.



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