posted on: 05.15.2020
Milan Bundalo


Milan Bundalo

Intralogistics Solution Architect and BizDev Lead

The Supply Chain Track and Trace – Case for Blockchain?

Companies with complex and global supply chain (number of suppliers, transportation partners, customers across various transport modes = road, air, ocean, rail), and, especially, Big Importers (i.e. retailers, fashion), who need to grow fast without full digitalization, face following challenges:

    • Visibility and collecting near real-time data, such as ATD (actual time of departure) and ATA (actual time of arrival), in each segment of the entire supply chain door-to-door,
    • Too many players/parties, with different systems along the supply chain,
    • Retyping data in siloed systems,
    • Passing documents on significant events.


Often, they try to address those challenges, with either Email, Paper, and, just recently, with some digitalized systems, such as TradeLens.

Comtrade Digital Services Industry Business Unit is developing Blockchain based platform, providing proactive supply chain and order management, using the near real-time visibility of the key metrics and full integration, with the ERP/order management system.

We see this system as an Amazon for the shipment.


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