posted on: 04.22.2020
Martin Šerbinek


Martin Šerbinek

Test Engineer

“I can’t keep calm, because I am a Commissioning Engineer”

In order to understand what brought me to Commissioning and what this field is all about, I would first like to take some of your time and share a couple of stories about my journey that brought me to this point. Growing up, I also had dreams, goals, and not so productive, but amusing habits. From waiting for school to end, so I can go watch my favorite shows on RTL2 or CN; planning what career path I should take, all the way to thinking about ways to reach my lifelong goal of traveling. We of course, cannot forget about the factor which defines whether we will achieve those dreams and goals, and that is decision making. In2017, Comtrade came calling and I was at a turning point. At that time I needed to make a decision. Choose this Commissioning thing (I had no idea about what it means or what it is about), further my career in telecommunications, or continue studying. Three years later, I am writing this blog, sharing my story with all of you, and based on this I must say that I have made the right decision that day.

Commissioning was a novelty to me. Usually, on College premises we can hear a lot about Developers, Testers, and Managers. Not a lot is discussed about this field, but somehow that made it even more interesting to me. After spending a lot of time investigating, I came across a very important aspect of this profession, which is – traveling. I also came across certain skills that were advised for this position. Skills like communication and interpersonal leadership and management, commercial awareness, the ability to work well under pressure, and the last but not the least – of course, good IT and analytical skills. At that point, I knew that there is no chance I am letting this slip. I checked many boxes and saw the potential to improve my existing skills. With that said, we finally came around full circle. From a little kid dreaming and setting up his goals, my journey finally brought me to a point where I have the ability to work in the wonderful world of computer science and travel. It is like football, but with a lot less healthy food and exercising, and a lot more coffee and sitting.

To quote the movie Jerry Maguire: “Well, you had me from ‘Hello”. Well Comtrade, you had me at “Travelling”.

I started as an apprentice, more or less learning about Commissioning and Comtrade in general, and in July 2018, I was assigned to my first project for companies that I cannot disclose. This is the time when Commissioning started to show its real nature. I quickly noticed this field is amazing for juniors, simply by the fact that you have insight on all aspects of a project. Ranging from Development, Testing, and Implementation all the way to Managing and Politics behind the scenes, you see and learn about everything. You feel like you are in a rocket full of knowledge and experience. You are able to develop your own tooling to ease your daily tasks, support the client on a site with testing during the implementation process, analyze logs, DB the Server and there is still so much more. We are just scratching the surface. As a person on the end of the project, you are also responsible for the product to start generating revenue, which puts some healthy pressure on you to perform and to do your best. Seeing all the hard work people before us put into this, and then to see the product doing what it is meant to do, is truly fulfilling. Let us not forget the best part of the job. The part where you are sent to countries you have never been to before, countries like the UK where you need to drive on the opposite side of the road. For all of you that think this is easy, check this out:


Almost three years later and many major European capitals, knowledge and experience behind me – I will conclude this blog by stating the following:

If you are someone that is just coming out of a college and wishes to broaden his horizons, then Commissioning might just be the thing for you!