posted on: 03.20.2020
Milan Bundalo


Milan Bundalo

Intralogistics Solution Architect and BizDev Lead

Core Values for Great Results

A few days ago, I’ve asked myself what makes a team able to produce amazing results.

I believe it’s sharing core values.

These are the ones we, at Comtrade Digital Services Industry Business Unit, share:

Making a positive difference  —  Step-by-step, making positive changes to our customers’ business is our primary goal. This is what we work for!

Collaboration  —  There are no successful individuals, or companies, in unsuccessful partnerships. Great results can only be done by working together.

Passion  —  We commit with our minds and our hearts to our customers’ success. The success of our customers is what we enjoy the most.

Personal Accountability  —  It’s personal! Every single one of us personally guarantees our commitments.

Quality  —  It’s not about hit and run, it’s about creating lasting success.

What do you think? What makes your team great?

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