posted on: 05.05.2020
Miloje Zečević


Miloje Zečević

Lead Engineer

Authenticate Your IoT Device – Why and How?

Today, we’re constantly witnessing the improvement of the Internet of Things (IoT) systems. The industry wasn’t left out, so the expansion of Industry IoT (IIoT) follows this route as well, bringing the improved service and increased productivity. This also raises numerous questions from the business owners in different industries – from automotive and railway till processes, to manufacturing:

    • Can I connect my machines to the Cloud safely?
    • Is my industrial process jeopardized?
    • I have many machines around the world. How do I track and manage them?
    • The competition is advancing quickly in the market. Will I be able to upgrade my existing machines in order to stay competitive?
    • And many more.


The first step in answering these complex questions is: make your device or machine unique on a much higher, logical level. Give it the power to distinguish itself from others of the same type, and do it in a very secure way – by using the authentication!

Authentication gives you the ability to prove the identity of your IIoT device.


Here are some benefits and reasons for authenticating your IIoT device:

1. Untrusted sources are dangerous for the whole system.

Usually, network consisting of the IIoT devices is intricate, and managers and IT administrators make decisions based from the data from these devices. If only one source of information is not trustworthy, that’s enough to put the whole system in danger.

2. Hard to manage through the lifecycle.

In many cases, it’s the customer who needs to provide the secure system on the field. Without proper features, it’s very hard to manage through the lifecycle of the process.

3. Retrofitting old systems with IIoT means added value.

The majority of the machines, especially in the manufacturing industry, are built to last for a quite long time. However, many new possibilities arise from the adaptation of IIoT, which could improve the process. Authenticating the old machines is the first step.


We at Comtrade Digital Services Industry Business Unit have worked on several use cases and helped our clients innovate faster.

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