posted on: 04.24.2020
Milan Bundalo


Milan Bundalo

Intralogistics Solution Architect and BizDev Lead

Application Modernization – Productization

Applying our application modernization process, we prepared a productization proposal for an existing solution, which was used, primarily, as a code base for projects resulting in multiple codebases, sharing most of the code, but different enough to be maintained as a single product.

Explanation of the proposal, along with its benefits, was prepared. We helped efficiently communicate the idea to our customers’ management, and prepared all the necessary materials. The proposal was validated, and we ended up leading transition to the new approach. This, not only included software changes, but also changes in the business’ processes, ways in which projects are done, how support is organized, how presales are carried on, etc.

Thanks to the productization, support, and operations, costs in training and staffing are reduced to 30%, and, with the new projects, they’ll be reduced even more, thanks to the reusing of the product.


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