posted on: 04.03.2020
Milan Bundalo


Milan Bundalo

Intralogistics Solution Architect and BizDev Lead

5 Common Challenges of Software Modernization

As we wrote in my previous blog, there are strong driving forces pushing you to modernize your application. So, why isn’t everybody doing it already?


  1. Prioritization – Running projects is what makes companies earn profit. Modernizing applications is often considered as something that can be done in line with the project execution, charged to project’s budget. This approach often leads to breaking project’s budget and half-hearted modernizations, which do not perform well.
  2. Short timeframe – Opportunities’ pressure and changed requirements make modernization effort agile, or render it wasted.
  3. Lack of internal key resources – Finding proper resources, when your company is already using them for ongoing projects, and moving them to modernization effort, while not affecting current projects in a negative way, is something most of the companies aren’t able to do.
  4. Lack of know-how on the relevant technologies – It’s not about the latest buzzwords, it’s about really understanding which technology is optimal for the job at hand. This is something that only comes with experience.
  5. Tool chain – For any implementation of relevant technologies there’s a tool set. Identifying which tools to use in order to have modernization effort efficient is, again, something that requires time and experience.


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