posted on: 03.27.2020
Milan Bundalo


Milan Bundalo

Intralogistics Solution Architect and BizDev Lead

4 Reasons for Software Modernization

Having a legacy application everybody’s used to, and, which, even with all the shortcomings, is considered stable, makes modernization look like a perilous adventure. This is a common pitfall, as, sooner or later, company learns that world has moved on, and the competition won. With the IT becoming one of the most valuable assets in the company, not modernizing it on time puts the whole business in danger. So, when is it the right time? Here are 4 reasons why we’re putting in the modernization efforts for our customers.

  • Shortening time to market – In the world where competitive pressure is only becoming more intense, having inefficient development of the new products, hindered by the use of the old technologies, applications, and methods, makes providing your new product at the planned time – very hard.
  • Timely software adaptation to changes in the environment – Business processes change, often completely unforeseen (i.e. COVID-19), as well as compliance and regulatory requirements (i.e. CO2 emission reduction), and new business models drive existing applications obsolete.
  • Operational cost reduction – Improving profitability is an omnipresent KPI. New technologies, along with the platform and application updates, are able to bring performance and efficiency improvements, reducing overall operational costs.
  • Reducing business continuity risk – It might be hardware obsolesce, or platform not supported by the manufacturer anymore, that can bring operational and security risk to once stable application. Often the only way to address it is by modernizing the existing one.


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